Complete Auto Recycling Service, Inc.

Ferrous Prices

Ferrous prices usually change at the beginning of each month, although prices may change at any moment for no apparent reason or notice. We may deduct for dirt or other contaminants, or reject the load for contaminants, suspicion of theft, ect..

We have a 4 tier price ladder based on tons hauled each month. You must maintain a 3 month average of 40 Ton or you will be lowered to the next level. To obtain tier 3 and 4 prices you must operate a legitimate scrap facility with scales or have a mobile crusher or baler.

Tier 2  | 20 to 50 tons per month: up $5.00 per ton
Tier 3  | 51 to 200 tons
Tier 4  | 201 tons and up

READY TO SHRED$125.00 ton
MIXED & HEAVY$100.00 per ton
HEAVY PREPARED$125.00 per ton
OVERSIZE$75.00 per ton

We trade in net tons, 2000 lbs per ton.

We deduct for wood, trash, concrete, and dirt.

-$40.00 charge applies to gas tank with NO HOLE or hole TOO small.