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Items We Buy

Items We Buy

There are hundreds of different kinds of metals and scrap metal is usually put into two main groups. Basically if a magnet sticks it is in the ferrous group, if a magnet does not stick it is put in the non ferrous group. This is the basic idea and the best way for you to determine if it’s worth more than just scrap steel. Not always 100 % accurate, just the basic idea.

Ferrousmagnet will stick(steel & iron)
Non Ferrousmagnet may draw but will not stick (copper & aluminum)

So we have a ferrous page and a non ferrous page


When you get to our scrap metal recycling facility all the ferrous material will need to be weighed on our 70 ft scale. Pull onto scale and stop, wait for a green light and then proceed straight forward to inspector’s station. There you will be directed where to unload or if you need assistance someone will help with the unloading of you scrap. We have the capability to unload anything you can haul, anything. After unload you will receive a grading chip, then return to outbound scale, wait for scale master to acknowledge you, come inside to get paid

Non Ferrous

When you get to our scrap metal recycling facility   and you have non ferrous scrap, we will weigh that material on the front dock on our small scale. It has a visible monitor for you to see exactly what the scale reads. All your non ferrous will be weighed here and you will receive a computer generated “pay ticket” that you will take to the office to get paid.  

Have a look at our Ferrous and Non Ferrous pages for more details.

We also have a page for items we just can’t do anything with, no value.