Complete Auto Recycling Service, Inc.

Non Ferrous

Non Ferrous

This is the scrap that a magnet won’t stick to.

This scrap metal will include but no limited to the following items.

  • Aluminum items like alum cans, lawn chairs, storm doors, ( without glass ) siding, gutters, and similar items.
  • Aluminum lawn mower engines, BBQ grills, cast alum engine parts, and similar items.
  • Aluminum radiators, you can clean em or leave em dirty.
  • Aluminum wheels, tire must be removed.
  • Brass items like valves and brass instruments from the band.
  • Batteries, but only lead acid, no other types at this time.
  • Copper items like wire, insulated or not, tubing, and sheet copper
  • Electric motors, starters, and alternators

There are all kinds of other items but those listed above are some of the most common.