Complete Auto Recycling Service, Inc.

Sell a Car

Sell a Car

Here is what to do to sell us a vehicle.

To get the best price for you scrap vehicle you’ll need to remove the gas tank or tanks, some have two.

If you choose not to remove the tank……

You will get a lower price for your car and….

It MUST have a large hole in the bottom of the tank so we can see that all the liquids are out, no hole or hole too small will result in a $40.00 CHARGE

This fee is for disposal of the liquids.

You don’t have to do anything else to the vehicle, we can evacuate the freon and oil.

Do not fill the vehicle up with other scrap metal because we have to see what is inside the vehicle, we can’t have heavy iron getting into our shredder.

We will accept 4 mounted car size tires per car, NO LOOSE tires. No clothes, shingles, rocks, or trash.

** New Dept of Justice federal law requires us to record all VIN numbers so MUST HAVE A TITLE or A FORM 5423 FILLED OUT ON SITE and a drivers license .

** There will be a Lien Look Up Charge of $5.00 on all 5423 Forms that are filled out.