Complete Auto Recycling Service, Inc.

UBCs Aluminum Cans


Used Beverage Cans

When you bring your cans to us it is going to be necessary to remove them from your bags or boxes and put them in our wire baskets for weighing. We are looking to see that there is nothing besides beverage cans in your cans.

For optimum value you need to keep EVERYTHING else OUT of your UBCs. We find all kinds of stuff in those bags of cans and will deduct weight or completely reject your cans for any of the following items.

We DO NOT want:

  • oil filters
  • bricks
  • rocks
  • leaves
  • batteries
  • alum foil
  • pie plates
  • trash
  • diapers
  • NO Tires on or off rim
  • tin cans
  • food cans
  • aerosol cans
  • deer skin
  • bottle caps
  • clothing
  • full cans
  • bottles
  • and most importantly, NO NEEDLES of any kind. If we find a needle in your cans we will ask you to leave and NEVER come back, again, NO NEEDLES.